13th European Orthodontic Teachers’ Forum

13th European Orthodontic Teachers’ Forum

Sunday 17th June 2018, 10:30 - 14:00

Menteith & Lowther Rooms, Level -1.

Registration Desk open from 08:00. 

This is a ticketed event. The registration fee is £25 (incl. VAT). Participation in this meeting is restricted to university teachers and the number of participants is limited to 80. Please note that you need to be registered for the Congress in order to attend.

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Inter-Professional Collaboration and Education

by Lia Fluit, MD, PhD, Associate Professor
Head Research in Learning and Education, Radboudumc Health Academy, Radboud university medical center
Nijmegen, The Netherlands



Teamwork is essential for the provision of high quality oral health care. (Inter-professional) teamwork skills need to be taught and learned and therefore ought to be one of the core competencies in all dental education programs, including orthodontics. 

The predominant way to acquire inter-professional teamwork skills is by learning in practice. However, there seems a lack of opportunities for collaborative learning and practice within educational establishments.
For students across oral health care, learning 'together' requires positive action for teamwork skills to be developed. Inter-professional curricula need to be formally developed, based on evidence from the wider education literature that demonstrates how to maximize the engagements needed for teamwork in practice.
The aim of this workshop is to offer participants insight in what inter-professional collaboration skills are, and how this can be learned during education. After an interactive introduction, participants will discuss the opportunities and pitfalls of inter-professional education, the essential elements for good collaboration, and how these competencies can be assessed. They will work in small groups on a case for designing an inter-professional education program.