Lunchtime Symposium by Align Technology

Monday 18th June 2018, 12:40 - 13:20, Lennox Suite (Level -2)


Treatment of Teenagers with the Invisalign System

Speaker: Dr Waddah Sabouni


How to succeed in the treatment of Class II malocclusions with clear aligners for growing patients
Treatment strategies for Class II growing patients depend on bone age, mandibular growth potential, and the severity of the malocclusion. Indeed, it is the initial orthodontic diagnosis that determines whether the Class II should be corrected by an activator, by molar distalization or by dentoalveolar compensation.
Recently, the integration of the mandibular advancement system into the Invisalign armamentarium has allowed the creation of a new generation of mandibular activators. It has many advantages over other activator systems; it allows tooth alignment and favours mandibular growth with vertical control and stability of the position of the lower incisors. Patient compliance is higher compared to other systems because it is more aesthetic, more hygienic and more comfortable.
Several clinical cases will illustrate the different therapeutic options for Class II treatment by aligners in growing patients.